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    I hereby authorize the repair work set forth to be done, along with the necessary parts and materials. The estimate of repair includes parts, labor, and diagnosis. I authorize a full disassembly of my vehicle, to identify any and all damages. If upon further inspection, additional repairs are needed, the primary payor will be contacted for authorization. If there are any restocking fees associated with the parts requiring return, due to electing not to have the vehicle repaired; restocking fee(s) will solely be the responsibility of the customer. Customer agrees to pay for repairs, parts, fees, services, and charges which may include charges for towing, parking, and/or storage.

    I understand that Lindsay Collision Center is not responsible for loss or damage to the vehicles or articles left in the vehicle in case of fire, theft, accident, or any cause beyond their control. Lindsay Collision Center is NOT responsible for any items left in the vehicle.

    I hereby grant your employees permission to operate my vehicle for the purpose of testing and/or inspection on streets, highways, or elsewhere. I authorize Lindsay Collision Center to share any documentation in reference to my vehicle to the insurance company and thirst parties. I understand that if a third party provides a replacement vehicle, Lindsay Collision Center is not responsible for costs, damages, or any liability. This is to include rental vehicle policy(s) reaching policy max amounts.

    Delivery dates given are approximate and will change if additional parts or repairs are needed. We will contact you if the delivery date originally quoted needs to be adjusted for any reason. If you have any concerns, please feel free to call us at any time.

    I understand that Lindsay Collision Center does not repair total loss vehicles under any circumstances. If there are disassembly/reassembly charges that the insurance company will not cover, I understand that those charges are my responsibility and will be paid in full before my vehicle is released back to me.

    Lindsay Collision Center does recommend that total loss vehicle be towed to the final destination and not driven off from our facility. Any tow out charges are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

    Vehicle Data Privacy:

    In the process of repairing your vehicle we may perform a diagnostic scan, Lindsay Collision Center will collect important historical vehicle data, including in some cases, the date, time and mileage of when the DTC was created. This information is helpful in understanding if a problem is accident related or pre-existing. It is possible this information will be shared with your insurance company. Your acceptance of this procedure grants Lindsay Collision Center permission to share this information with others, including your insurance company. No personally identifiable information is collected during the pre or post-repair scan.

    Please remove your personal belongings:
    Sometimes our customers forget to remove, or leave personal or necessary items at the time of vehicle check-in. Please check to make sure you have removed the following from your vehicle. Lindsay Collision Center is NOT responsible for any items left in vehicle; this is to include items of value:
    Garage Door Openers, House Keys, EZ Pass, Cell Phone/Laptop/Tablets, Sunglasses, Money/Coins, Chargers, Parking Permits, Child's Car Seat, Navigation Systems

    Payment Policy

    Upon completion of the vehicle, and deductible, betterment, storage, or customer pay items must be paid for in full and in cash, certified funds, or credit card. I understand the vehicle will not be released to me until payment is received or arrangements have been made for payment with the primary payee. It is the customer's responsibility to secure third party endorsements. Insurance checks can be endorsed by all parties directly to Lindsay Collision Center. All checks vehicle owners receive for the repairs are due to Lindsay Collision Center for payment of the repair cost. Vehicle owner will be responsible for any attorney fees and court costs related to collisions of payments.

    Vehicle Payment Release

    has my permission to make direct payment to Lindsay Collision Center on my behalf

    By clicking submit I am digitally signing this authorization